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Naughty Joe Francis

Girls Gone Wild got busted for failing to document the ages of the girls performing in some of its videos (the perrenial classics "Ultimate Spring Break," "Girls Gone Wild on Campus Uncensored," "Totally Exposed Uncensored and Beyond," and "Girls Gone Wild College Girls Exposed/Sexy Sorority Sweethearts" were specifically targeted).

Under the law 2257, producers, distributors, and pretty much anyone who handles the images are required to keep extensive records verifying the legality of performers' ages. I'm frankly surprised GGW was only fined $2.1 million--the Justice Department these days is pretty intent on age verification, at least that's what the strenuous record-keeping required by the law would indicate.

As my earlier post on GGW indicated, I'm appalled at how this company takes advantage of intoxicated--and apparently underage--girls. Take that, Joe!


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