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Marilyn Chambers, 1952-2009

Marilyn Chambers, star of the '70s porn classic Behind the Green Door, passed away over the weekend in her home. She was 57 and died of unknown causes.


She got her start as the face of Ivory Soap (99 adn 44/100% pure!), and was later dropped after her porn debut. Even though the film showed at Cannes Film Festival and received remarkably positive reviews, I suppose Ivory decided the quintessential virgin/whore wasn't the optimal face of soap.

Ivory soap
I always admired Chambers for her smart business sense (she negotiated a hefty salary and a cut of the proceeds from Green Door) and her unrepentent attitude (she used her real first name, saying she was unashamed of what she did). I'm sorry her life came to a premature end.


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