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Swedish novelty sex toy label LELO ("Lust Objectified") has named a global CEO, Kaja Wannberg. The company is quite prominent in its industry, with operations on multiple continents in 40 markets (including  Swedish government-owned pharmacies); this new position is aimed at expanding the company's global presence.

Wannberg comes from a finance backgound, and she has worked in banking, IT and management consulting, and as a CFO. I like the idea of a woman being able to move between industries, one of whom just happens to be a sex toy company. The novelty sex toy industry is nothing to sneeze at--t has actually done quite well in recent months, despite the overall economic downturn which has impacted seemingly every industry. (My favorite quote from a sex toy boutique owner: "Sex will always sell. You might tell yourself, ‘I can do without that $400 sweater, but I would still like to have that rechargeable vibrator.")

Who knows if the boom will last for the novelty sex toy industry, but I'm eager to see what Wannberg is able to do with the LELO brand. 

(via AVN and Reuters)


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