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Talk about stimulus plan...

Turns out a substantial number of Americans have decided to treat themselves to an extra treat, courtesy of Bush's Economic Stimulus Plan, and as a result the porn industry is experiencing a pleasant upswing in sales.

While I still maintain that porn consumption is rather inelastic, if this story is even a tiny bit true, my heart is thoroughly warmed.

YouTube and Porn

A somewhat useless article appeared in Sunday's Times Magazine about porn. (I've come to the conclusion that writing of any sexual nature enjoys a lower set of standards for publication due to the scintillating subject matter, and even the NY Times has apparently fallen prey.)

It's worth a read, if only to witness further evidence in support of thinking people's observation that pornography drives technological innovation--this time with YouTube as the example. The writer is surprised that YouTube has enjoyed any success since it prohibits distribution of pornography. She acknowledges, however, (and is made uneasy by the fact) that there is a relationship between pornography and nonporn online video.

I wish she had gone one step further to explore the insidious nature of companies like YouTube and PayPal (where the founders of YouTube actually met). These companies achieved initial success either directly (in the case of PayPal, which got its big start processing anonymous financial transactions for adult companies) or indirectly (in YouTube's case, as watching movies online first became a viable medium via porn). But then I'm always up for an exploration of the seedy underbelly of companies which try to maintain squeaky-clean images.