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Playgirl Editor Harassed on Fox News

While I'm no huge fan of Playgirl magazine, I found the recent Fox News interview with its former editor Nicole Caldwell endearing. I never found Nicole's writing or vision impressive, but she handled herself with grace while the meat heads of Fox News' "Red Eye" show uncomfortably and aggressively bantered about sex and porn. Their sophomoric reaction to "hey look! a chick who will talk about porn!" is common, and in my opinion stems from discomfort about sex. While these jock-types act like she's a dream come true, they really are just freaked out that this woman might have access to their secret sexual lives.

See what you think:

(via Jezebel)


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Oy vey. It's guys like this that make me want it difficult for the rest of us fellas...

You hit the nail on the head with your "meathead" label. I have watched other clips from the Red Eye program on Fox, such as when Joanna Angel was on, and it just amazes how some men never advance mentally or emotionally past the age of 13. They won't allow themselves to discuss a topic such as sex and sexuality in anything other than a juvenile fashion, because they have yet to become comfortable with their own or anyone else's.

There is plenty of new research about women being just as visually stimulated as men, but I am positive no one at Fox, or any mainstream news channel, could be bothered to actually read up on this...

Thanks for the clip, Rebecca!

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