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Justine Joli

I'm glad to see Reverse Cowgirl giving my girl Justine a much-deserved plug. While y'all know I have respect for Sasha Grey, I am a bit curious as to why Justine Joli hasn't gotten quite the same play.

The woman is absolutely stunning--and intelligent to boot. Having seen her in person as well as onscreen, I have total confidence she is capable of becoming a big star.





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Agree, it is a mystery why she has not "penetrated" (haha) the mainstream as Sasha Grey has done. It may be just be a difference in their approaches to this career and what they wish to achieve in a given amount of time. Sasha seems more driven while Justine has always appeared more laid-back, not pushing for anything to happen to quickly in her career. Both ladies are great, just very different.

Is Justine still only doing girl-girl scenes? That could also hinder her overall exposure, as some fans may only tune into B/G porn. Either way, Justine is simply stunning, in every way, inside and out!

You have a good point...I'm not sure if she's still doing G/G only. I'll have to check. That's definitely a career hindrance, though she still managed to get quite far nonetheless. And I respect a girl having boundaries...if only more of us did!

Oh for sure! There are plenty of other women performing in B/G scenes and several doing a stellar job at it, carving their own niche, but the same can be said of those who choose only G/G. Yes, it can limit the jobs you get or a wider fan base, but it means you can really enjoy exactly what you are doing, no regrets. Madison Young only worked with women up until recently and it's still rare for her to be featured in B/G scenes...

Yes, she got talent and a body to match it.

She need an agent who can guide her showbusiness career into Hollywood world.

I came across this post kind of late, but in answer to the general query, Justine still only does girl/girl and solo masturbation porn, as well as glamor modeling. Which is fine by me, since g/g and solo stuff is pretty much all I watch, and Justine is one of my very favorite performers in this regard.

Justine has said she's consider doing b/g at some point, but it would have to be for her own production company so she could earn residuals on it, since it would probably sell big.

I really like your blog, BTW.

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