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Spring Break is a waste of time

Aren't we over this yet?

The LA Times recently published an article shaking its head at the the hordes of young women flocking to Spring Break locales in order to demonstrate or gain confidence. States the author:

'[Y]oung people, women especially, [have decided] that the way to measure their readiness for the adult world is not in terms of education or emotional maturity but sexual desirability."

When are women going to understand that it is nothing special to have men lust after you? Dare I say, it's even a trifle boring? Have we really been so cowed by the constant media messages telling us sex is all we have to sell, they boyfriends who say they'll dump you if you don't put out, the companies that toss you out as soon as you enter the marriage/baby-making age group?

My point is this: The simple fact of a young woman able to get sex a given, so much so that the concept is boring.  In today's post Pill, permissive society,  sex is freely given and taken. Women have careers, raise babies alone, and run for president. So why are they still stuck in the archaic prison of believing that sexual attractiveness is what determines social worth (and nothing more)?

Obviously it's still important to look good and be able to attract men--so we are reminded every day (and of course we must constantly challenge these messages). But instead of becoming mired in this thinking and never moving past it to contribute anything, I challenge women across the board to take it as a given that they want to sleep with you and then focus on something else! It will change your life, I promise.


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