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  • In the debauched world of INDIEROTICA, the thin bra-strap of a line between the seductive and the obscene is torn, stripped, and ripped off so often that one can have difficulty differentiating between the exploitative and truly erotic. Here to help us connect the dots is the brilliant and sexy REBECCA, author of the clever blog, PORN PERSPECTIVES. "Examining the interplay between pornography, feminism, economics, and technology", it's possibly the smartest sex on the internet.

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Alt-Porn History Lesson

Some historically-minded porn connoisseurs have taken it upon themselves to set the record straight about how SuicideGirls fits into the chronology of Alt(ernative)-Porn.

While many point to SG as the first alt-porn site, the timeline constructed by AltPorn.net aims to reveal SG for the derivates they are. The timeline is an interesting bit of history--at the same time, one can't minimize the importance of SG as the first site to popularize alt-porn, if not invent it.


More About SG

I'm amazed at how much momentum anti-Suicide Girls sentiments are gaining. At the same time, isn't this typical of any subculture that becomes too popular? People will put up with a lot of crap in order to associate with a cool subculture; once that subculture becomes mainstream, the now-lost cache needs to be replaced with something else (money, anyone?). Check out this fantastically comprehensive list of articles/blogs discussing SG and the controversy.