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Getting it on and on and on....

What's up the the NY Times' obsession with old people sex?*

They seem to really want the public to know all about the mechanics of the elderly having sex. Between reports on safe sex classes in retirement homes and studies showing sexual activity continues into old age, we all know more than we ever wanted to about our grandparents' bedroom activities.

Thank heavens for Viagra , right?

*Don't get me wrong--I think it's great that we all have many decades of sexual activity in our future!

The Smart Stripper

The good Lady Rubelucia and I recently had a brilliant idea. Stripper party planners--the antidote to crappy bachelor parties everywhere. Imagine: leave the logistics of your bachelor party to a woman--the shepherds of hospitality--and not just any woman but a sexy non-future-wife who knows all the best clubs and who will strip on a whim. I think it's a brilliant scheme, but a (male) coworker recently expressed skepticism at my chest-pounding entrepreneurship, doubting that there are strippers savvy enough to run a successful business of this nature.

Which got me to thinking...I'd always thought of strippers as smarter than the average bear. Maybe I've just been exposed to a disproportionate share of sexy San Francisco feminists who smirk while happily making three times the salary of their patrons. Seems pretty smart to me, and yet they get a really negative wrap.

This is all a long-winded way of introducing a fun new blog I found, Pretty Dumb Things, which contains very smart writing by an ex-stripper named Chelsea G. Summers. She mostly writes about relationships and sex, but I like her irreverent approach to topics like her fake boobs as well as her total lack of sympathy for blue balls.

Check it out--and in the meantime I'll work on writing a real entry. I promise!

The Iron Rule of Hello Kitty

The Thai police force have figured out that the  best form of punishment against misbehaving police officers is the power of misogyny.

As reported by the Times, Thai police are now being punished for small infractions like illegal parking and tardiness by being forced to wear a pink Hello Kitty arm band. Previous attempts at Scarlet Letters have failed:

An early experiment using armbands was not encouraging. Mr. Pongpat first tried using plaid ones. But instead of feeling shame, Major Weeraprach said, the officers took them home as souvenirs. The force still has only one of the ten it originally issued.

Since the absolute worst punishment imaginable is to be associated with femininity, the Hello Kitty punishment is expected to be quite successful:

“This new twist is expected to make them feel guilt and shame and prevent them from repeating the offense, no matter how minor,” he said. “Kitty is a cute icon for young girls. It’s not something macho police officers want covering their biceps.”