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Mad Truth

Ripped shamelessly from Pop Feminist, who transcribes Andy Warhol quotes for fun.

"Some people can have sex and really let their minds go blank and fill up with sex; other people can never let their minds go blank and fill up with the sex, so while they're having the sex they're thinking, "Can this really be me? Am I really doing this? This is very strange. Five minutes ago I wasn't doing this. In a little while I won't be doing it. What would Mom say? How did people ever think of doing this?""

Also, consider this:

"Women are the one group that grows more radical with age." (Gloria Steinem)


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i don't think gloria steinem has gotten any more radical in the last 20 years.


In my little Firefox shortcut buttons there are three blogs in a row. One is yours, the other is your sister's. The third is Starbucksgossip.typepad.com.

Agreed about Gloria, but I think the point stands about women as a group.

What do you think about this idea: there are a whole lot of cranky old ladies in the world. Men seem to just get quiet and complacent in old age, but women often get super crabby. My going theory is that they've realized what a sham it was do devote their lives to their husbands and kids, and now they're bitter about it.

So the question becomes, what will happen to the baby boomers, who generally put themselves and their profound feelings and psychological complexes before their familial duties? Will they also become cranky old women? Or will they stay the same? Or become cranky for a different reason?

I think the boomers will be more liberal, have more active sex lives as they age and generally get on with it. Remember: they've never been told No in their entire lives. But will they be happy doing it all? Ah, now there's a good question....

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